Underneath your tongue

This is one of the simplest and best ways to take it, since it’s pretty quick and dirty. It literally involves you putting this underneath the tongue, holding it there, and the effects happen fast. This is one of the quickest means since this is something that is immediately absorbed into the blood vessels and capillaries and offers super quick and fast-acting results from this too. Tinctures sprays, and even oils all can be taken like this, and it’s so quick that it certainly can be one of the best ways, and the effects happen within 30 minutes or sooner.

Beverages or Foods

Consumption through eating or drinking CBD is another good one. This is another one that offers quick effects, but also may take a bit for the full effects to kick in. When you swallow this, it goes right into your digestive tract, and from there, it is a bit slower to absorb, but the effects are still quite profound too. While it does take longer, it’s pretty easy to dose, and you’ll be able to take this with well, everything. Oils and tinctures, capsules, edibles such as cookies and drinks, and even homemade edibles that you have such as smoothies or coffee infused with it are all prime examples of this type of consumption.


Topicals are good for those who want to use CBD on an effected area, without needing to take it internally. It’s also much more localized, so you’ll be working only with the effected area, so it’ll be delivered to the area’s receptors. Usually, patches, balms, moisturizers, creams, and serums are all examples and many people like to make these themselves. It’s quite simple to use, but it does offer great pain relief, so if you have acne, skin problems, or pain, this is probably the best way to take this, that’s for sure.

Vape it

Then there is vaping. This is done with oils that are pretty much put in a vape rig, and when you inhale, it brings that CBD directly to your lungs. A lot of people like this because it’s very easy to do, and the effects are immediate. You do need to get this through vape cartridges, and you should never vape something that’s not meant to be used in a vape, since that’s dangerous, and it can actually be flammable too, which creates even worse problems too. They’re easily available though, and the results can be had instantly. You may wonder if there are one way that’s better than the other. The thing is, there is not. All of these have their pros and cons. Some people may want the immediate results that come with this, others may want a stronger sort of hit, but they don’t want it all right away. Some people may want it to be localized instead of an overall effect. Remember though, just like grease monkey cannabis, this can be great for a lot of problems including pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, and even sleep and inflammation, so you can definitely get this, and try it for yourself. Remember to start small, and also make sure that you increase it slowly over time to get the best effects that you can, as it can help with ensuring that you’re getting the proper results from this as well.

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

The right amount of CBD oil is different for each person, with the ideal amounts varying depending on the product that you plan to use, the strength of such, and of course, other variables including your body, and the goals too. This is hard to aptly determine, but here, we’ll go over everything necessary to get the right CBD that you need.

Dosage Calculator

A good thing to understand is that it can be based off the weight you are, the potency, and of course your tolerance. One thing of note though is that it can vary based on your personal needs, so you might be fine with it at one amount, but then if you increase it you feel it being almost too overpowering. The best way to determine this is go small and then increase it. There is really no set body weight, but it’s mostly just take a little bit, and then go from there. For example, you might start with 3-5 mg of this CBD oil for the initial week of this. If you’re still not feeling effects by the end of that, you simply increase I by 5 mg after that until you get the right dose. The start low and go slow way to take CBD may seem like it takes forever, but the thing about it, is that the best results come from this way of taking it. This lets you carefully consider how your body ends up reacting when you use CBD. When you take it low and then go slow, it lets you see just how easily your body will respond. This is of course, beneficial compared to just taking a random amount, and it also lets you get the most that you can out of this. Anyone can do this, which is pretty cool, but the thing is, this method is great for every single person who is just starting this.

Picking the right Strength Matters

There are different strengths in CBD oil, since some people may need more CBD for their problem at hand. If you choose a type of oil with a potency that fits what you need, you’ll get the right dosage, and the proper goals at hand too. Here are some different types of strengths and the conditions that benefit the most from this:
  • Anxiety needs medium strength
  • Cancer needs medical or high strength
  • Epilepsy is medical grade
  • Nausea is low strength
  • Overall bodily wellness, either microdose it or low strength
  • Arthritis medium or high strength
  • Chronic pain is medium or high strength
  • Muscle recovery is low or medium strength
  • Neuropathy is medium or high strength
  • Insomnia or other sleep issues is medium or high strength
There are different strengths as well that go with this:
  • Microdose is 5 mg or less
  • Medium strength is 3 mg for every 10 pounds of weight
  • Low strength is 1 mg for every 10 pounds of weight
  • High and medical strength is 6 mg or more per 10 pounds of weight
The big thing to understand is that you want to make sure that you take this with the right bottle and dosage too. That way, you’re getting the right amount, especially and the right amount of drops. It’s pretty simple, and quite effective. You’ll definitely benefit from this as well, and you’ll be able to, with this get the right amount, and also make sure that you accurately dose yourself so you can get the full strength of effects as well.