If you’ve been looking at natural remedies, you may wonder what the difference is between kratom and CBD oil. They’re both hot in the community, but do you know the differences between both. 

CBD Oil 

CBD oil is pretty much a cannabinoid that is part of the cannabis plant, and it reacts with your endocannabinoid system to help with this. The cool thing about this is that it does not contain THC, so it won’t create the psychoactive effects that THC normally does. It also is anti-inflammatory, a neuroprotective part of it, and antioxidant as well, and it can help with a variety of health benefits too. 


Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, is a topical tree that’s indigenous to Myanmar, Thailand, Papua new guinea, and even Indonesia, and the leaves are a part of traditional medicine that’s been utilized for thousands of years. There are 40 different active compounds, but there are two alkalydes that are important. Those are mitragynine along with hydroxymitragynine.  These are of course therapeutic and are almost opioid-like effects. When it’s consumed, they can offer some effects that are slightly psychoactive. 

The Uses 

They do have some effects that do overlap when you look at the uses, but each are good for specific differences. For CBD, it’s great for inflammation and also offers neuroprotective and antioxidant properties, so it’s great for pain that’s chronic, depression, anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy, addiction, ALS, MS, arthritis, sleep issues, and skin conditions that are inflammatory. 

Usually, people use CBD for one specific issue, but there are those who use CBD to promote proper wellbeing and health, and it’s common for those who have chronic anxiety or problems with sleeping such as insomnia for a variety of issues. While it isn’t FDA approved to trat these conditions, epidiolex is actually FDA approved to treat different seizure conditions associated with Dravet and Lennox Gastaut syndrome. 

As for kratom, right now the research is very mixed, and some people like it because it helps with chronic issues such as withdrawals or pain that’s chronic.  But some say that the risks do outweigh what the benefits are. It does have both stimulant and also opioid-like types of effects, and low does are a stimulant, while higher has opioid effects. 

Some have used this for pain relief, treating depression and anxiety, and to reduce the use of opioids. Right now though, there is some research that shows it’s good for the reduction of pain, improving immunity, and also to induce relaxation. However, some say that the side effects might outweigh what’s beneficial, and more research is necessary, since some people do worry about whether or not the side effects of this are problematic. 

Side Effects 

Right now, the side effects of CBD are very few and far between. Some may experience the feeling of being drowsy, nauseous, and even dry mouth or a lowered appetite, and right now, it’s safe and not addictive. As for kratom, the problem is that there are studies which say that it may be addictive, and it may cause withdrawal symptoms including anger, sadness, restlessness, and nervousness., 

This is due to the fact that the compounds do activate the opiate receptors, which may make it addictive, but this is after about 6 or more months of use.  Usually, the symptoms of this are both physical and mental, including pain and spasms, watery nose and eyes, fever, hot flashes, sleeping problems, or even diarrhea. So if you’re worried about the side effects, you might want to consider using CBD, since it’s much less in terms of effects.