There is new research that shows the complexity of marijuana as a plant, and it actually may be used to offer some great results. Some may notice that at lower doses they benefit from this, and at higher amounts it’s the opposite effect. How can it impact our brains though? Read on to find out. 

What the research says 

Right now, the research is still in the early stages. It can however potentially help with memory, mental health, and even cognition and other neurological effects. However, it does impact memory, since it can make you have poor memory due to this. That’s because the psychoactive results of the THC in this may impact your memory in the short-term, but there is no long-term effects on memory. 

It can cause problems with impairment of memory in the short term, making it hard to form and recall memories, but after you come down from the high, it actually doesn’t create any further issues. Some studies do say that there is some info on the effects of marijuana and how it impacts the long-term in brains that are developing, and that’s negative. Marijuana doesn’t have an effect on the memory and impairment of those adult brains, but developing ones in children and teens, and even some young adults, does play a part in it. 

There is some evidence which says that it can possibly impact the brain and structure development, along with overall function of the brain, since chronic use may offer adverse results of your health, including problems with decisions, memory, attention, and also effects that come about as a result of cannabis use disorder. 

Some studies show that the younger does use it a lot more heavier, and those who do use it younger show a much larger increase of these issues too. There are studies as well though that doesn’t show a difference between this, and some people may actually be using this just fine and not have the same issues as non-users and adolescents. There is one study which actually found that the comparison of marijuana in those who are trins actually didn’t have any major differences compared to the one who abstained. 

Cannabis along with Cognition 

One reason for different discrepancies in cannabis is the biphasic effects of such. It’s different at certain therapeutic levels, where at higher doses it can actually create the opposite effect. If you’re a heavy cannabis user, it’ll affect the cognition and the functions of such. One study actually found that some participants were better at different cognitive actions up to three months after they began to use medical cannabis, and some actually were better at some executive functions, but of course, if it’s too heavy, it won’t cause the same effects. 

What about mental Health 

It can actually be impactful for mental health, depending on whether or not the user is still a developing person, or if they’re a total adult. Some actual say that heavy cannabis in a developing brain is really bad. This can be helpful though for adults that have depression along with PTSD, since it’s found that it can actually be a treatment for this and can possibly treat substance abuse disorders and whatnot. 

Though it may offer some health benefits, it can actually cause major mental health problems including schizophrenia, depression, along with psychosis, and in many cases, it causes later substance abuse. This can potentially be a problem. So there are some effects, but since it is biphasic, it can have a profound effect in different ways, depending upon the user. 

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